1985 Yunnan Challenge Petrochemical Inc。 was established
1991 July 16 Challenge opened their first gas station - Caopu Gas Station
1992 Yunnan Challenge Petrochemical Inc。 (Kunming branch) was established
1992 Yunnan Challenge Petrochemical Inc。 (Chuxiong branch) was established
1993 March 28 Completion of Dachong Gas Station
1993 Completion of Datun Oil Depot, which was Challenge’s first oil depot
1993 Challenge introduced ‘litre’ as their unit of measurement for gasoline retail sales
1994 Completion of Yangbi (Dali) and Caorong gas stations
1995 Completion of Lubiao and Gangtou gas stations
1995 Yunnan Challenge Petrochemical Inc. (Caopu branch) was established
1995 Completion of Challenge Headquarters
1995 Challenge Restaurant and Hotel was opened
1998 November 28 Completion of Western Yunnan Oil Depot
1998 Challenge introduced a new image for its gas stations
2000 June Petrochina-Challenge Petroleum Co., Ltd. was established
2002 Completion of Dianchi Gas Station
2003 Completion of Gejiu Gas Station
2003 Acquired Jinning Oil Depot
2009 Challenge expanded their Jinning Oil Depot, which becomes the largest gasoline depot in Yunnan province with a total storage capacity of 99,000 cubic meters
2009 Challenge introduced a new image for its gas stations
2010 Completion of Dongbu, Nanbu, Beibu, Changhong, and Wayao (Baoshan) gas stations
2010 February 22 Challenge held an opening ceremony for the construction of its new headquarters. Challenge’s Chairman Baoqiang Lu and Kunming’s municipal leaders, whom include Party Committee Secretary He Qiu, Mayor Zulin Zhang, People’s Congress Municipal Director Yuanxiang Yang, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Municipal Chairman Yunxiang Tian, and Deputy Mayor Wenrong Li, laid the foundation stone for the project.
2010 March 9 Challenge supplied water to villages and made donations to drought-relief organizations to help with Yunnan’s water shortage
2010 March 15 Challenge entered the Southern Yunnan market with the establishment of Yunnan Challenge Petrochemical Inc. (Jianshui branch)
2010 March 15 Challenge launched its petroleum fuel card services to provide convenience to its customers。 It also initiated the growth of Challenge’s management information system。
2010 March 20 Department of Commerce’s Director Qinghua Xiong visited Challenge’s Jinning Oil Depot. He spoke highly of Challenge’s excellence, dedication and contribution in supplying quality gasoline in Yunnan province.
2010 October 13 Challenge entered the Western Yunnan market with the establishment of Yunnan Challenge Petroleum Inc. (Baoshan branch)
2010 December 16 Challenge obtained a signed agreement from Baoshan Municipal People’s Government to build an 80-acre oil depot in Baoshan.
2011 February 12 Challenge changed its official name to Yunnan Challenge Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd.
2011 Completion of Zhongying, Erji, Yuhua and Haiyuanshi gas stations
2011 Completion of Baofeng (Baoshan) Gas Station
2011 May Challenge established an international gasoline trade route, which initiated its gasoline supply contribution to Yunnan’s neighbouring countries
2011 Completion of Haikou, Tengchong (Baoshan) and Shunjiang (Baoshan) gas stations
2012 February Completion of Shangshuan (Jinning) Gas Station
2012 March 10 Completion of Lujiangba (Baoshan) Gas Station

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